Bandit MKE

60s Levi's Big E Trucker Jacket, Type III, Size 36 / Small

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ABOUT: iconic Levi’s Big E Type III workwear / trucker jacket with perfectly worn-in denim, circa 1967.
Copper colored buttons down the front plus an adjuster buttons at the back of the waist. double chest pockets with pointed flaps. Double sided LEVI’S tag on right chest pocket


This is *technically* a “men’s” jacket but of course this is 2020 and we all know gender is just a construct! So, this will look fantastic no matter your identity.


Please note: this is an original, from the late 60s. Levi’s did a run of these as repro pieces in the 90s, but those are differentiated in a number of ways, including the big E on the label (only used until 1971).


LABEL: LEVI’S, model 70505-0217


CONDITION: excellent. Perfectly worn-in denim but no stains. Please examine photos to see any dye variations, fading, wear, etc.


FITS LIKE: Men’s XS, Women’s S




Shown on a dress form with 36” bust/27” waist.